Mr Shan represents artists,
whose works channel an ancient creative wisdom into the contemporary world.

Gao Zhenyu
Gao Zhenyu (b.1964) is one of China’s most prolific pottery artists. A native of Yi Xing, Jiangsu Province, the birthplace of the Zisha pottery making tradition, he was born into a family who have been ceramicists for generations. From a young age, and alongside his father, Gao Zhenyu learnt the traditional Zisha pottery making techniques from Gu Jinzhou, one of the greatest Zisha pottery masters of the twentieth century.

Xu Jing
Xu Jing (b. 1975) is a native of Huaian, Jingsu Province. She holds a Bachelor Degree in graphic design from the School of Design at Nanjing University and a Master Degree in calligraphy from the Nanjing School of Fine Arts. Her story is an ode to the art of calligraphy, a life-long dedication to thousands of years of artistic wisdom that preceded modern life in China.

Zhou Ning
Zhou Ning (b. 1969) is a master of relief wood sculpture and one of China’s best kept secrets. In the quiet of the Shinqiao village mountains of Shangdong province away from the buzz of the contemporary art world, he chisels his creations for the world to see, filling them with profound meaning.