Contemporary Scholar’s Studio: Living with Art

The home may be a sanctuary but its heart is the study, where every piece of furniture reflects the owner’s personality. A study is often located in a tranquil corner of the house and creates a cultured, calm, and inspirational atmosphere. A study by the garden can help us remain focused and calm. It is where we can read, practice calligraphy, work, relax, meditate, and reflect on ourselves. Every detail reflects the owner’s passions and their pursuit of a good life. As wealth grows, however, those who desire to be surrounded by beauty increasingly seek an ever more refined style in which to furnish their studies.

A space that represents the owner’s heart and soul, a modern study is designed around him. Embodying traditional Chinese values and culture, the study space emphasises the harmonious and complementary relationship between nature and humanity. The owner will day by day discover their very own contemporary Chinese lifestyle and how they wish to develop this. A room is initially an empty space, so we should not feel constrained with regards to its layout or furnishings. We will be inhibited if we focus only on formality. To truly savour spiritual pleasure and freedom, we need to cease being formulaic. Complex but not chaotic, simple but not crude, the study could be both Eastern and Western, classic and modern. The important goal is to achieve a cohesive atmosphere and style by maintaining a perfect balance between space and objects.


Continuing with the innovative spirit of its Shanghai sale room, Christie’s announces the debut of an unprecedented themed sale entitled ‘The Contemporary Scholar’s Studio’

Prior to the sale on 24 September, a dedicated exhibition of thirty pieces will be exhibited in Beijing from September 6-13, before the exhibition moves back to Shanghai at Christie’s Ampire Building for a preview on September 22-23. Complementing the exhibition in Beijing will be a themed art forum with artists, scholars, and collectors in attendance such as Gao Zhenyu, Zhang Jinhua, Zhou Mo, and Liu Shan who will discuss evolving taste of the contemporary literati.