Suzhou Museum, Liu Dan's Exhibition, May 2013
Suzhou Museum, Liu Dan's exhibition, May 2013
Suzhou Museum, 'Still Life- Chen Danqing Painting Album From Life' Exhibition, October 2014
Suzhou Museum, 'Still Life- Chen Danqing Painting Album From Life' exhibition, October 2014
National Museum Of China, 'Nihuan' , Gao Zhenyu Ceramic Exhibition, April 2017
National Museum of China, 'Nihuan' , Gao Zhenyu ceramic exhibition, April 2017

No.55 art space provides a full range of art consultancy services, including the placement of art works from our in-house collections, as well as sourcing art works through our vast network of Chinese and international partners.

  • We stage art works and sculptures in commercial and public places for events, seminars and presentations.
  • We provide an expertise in the transportation and handling of art for exhibitions and events.
  • We offer seminars and workshops on cultural relevance of ancient Literati traditions in a modern world.
  • We provide in-house curatorial and appraisal services.
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