The theme of this exhibition, with a primary focus on Gao Zhenyu’s ceramics and the woodcarving of Zhou Ning, is ‘Mr Shan’s tearoom’. It imagines how Mr Shan would present his vision upon discovering contemporary ceramic and woodcarving works of art.

The vitality of pottery lies in its creative inception by the artist. In Gao Zhenyu’s flower vessel creations, he chose to integrate purple clay with the type of clay that is most familiar to him, opening a door to new possibilities in the world of ceramic art. Traditional creative wisdom is both smoothed and roughened by the warmth of the artist’s hands. In this intricate exchange, ancient and modern Chinese ceramic practices as well as foreign influences are intuitively sublimated into rotating objects. The pronounced tensions in the asymmetric lines of Gao’s creations are like spiritual imprints or organic nature, emanations of the artist’s soul.

Relief sculpture is an essential part of Chinese civilisation, a mysterious monologue of extraordinary charm and unfettered thinking through which 7,000 years of accumulated knowledge and skills evoke a unique perspective on multifaceted meaning. Zhou Ning’s woodcarving art demonstrates the artist’s strong determination to convey his interpretation of the meaning, a narrative that resonates profoundly in the art world.

Introduction of works

Gao Zhenyu_Clay Nirvana_10.5×11.5×31.7cm_Ceramic_2014_(No.8)

Gao Zhenyu_Clay Nirvana_10.7×9.6×26.1cm_Ceramic_2014_(No.4)

Gao Zhenyu_Clay Nirvana_12.2x12x30.3cm_Ceramic_2014_(No.21)

Gao Zhenyu_Clay Nirvana_16.2×10.5×10.6cm_Ceramic_2014_(No.98-2)

Gao Zhenyu_Clay Nirvana_31.3×11.5×11.5cm_Ceramic_2014_(No.97-1)

Gao Zhenyu_Clay Nirvana_34.5×10.8×11.7cm_Ceramic_2014_(No.29)

Gao Zhenyu_Clay Nirvana_φ:8.5cm_Ceramic_2016_(No.1607-2)

Gao Zhenyu_Clay Nirvana_φ:10.5cm_Ceramic_2016_(No.1607-17)

Gao Zhenyu_Clay Nirvana_φ:10cm_Ceramic_2016_(No.1607-8)

Gao Zhenyu_Clay Nirvana_φ:10cm_Ceramic_2016_(No.1607-9)

Gao Zhenyu_Clay Nirvana_φ:12cm_Ceramic_2016_(No.1607-26)

Gao Zhenyu_Clay Nirvana_φ:14.5cm_Ceramic_2016_(No.1607-28)

Gao Zhenyu_Sōdeisha Series of Flower Holder-9_53x17.2x35cm_Ceramic_1996

Gao Zhenyu_Sōdeisha Series of Flower Holder-9_60x60x16.6cm_Ceramic_1994

Zhou Ning_Memory_Wood Carving_58x90cm_2003

Zhou Ning_Nature-1_Wood Carving_72x72cm_2016

Zhou Ning_Wind-6_Wood Carving_224x79cm_2018

Xu Jing_Dream of the butterfly_97x180cm_Ink and wine on paper_2018

Xu Jing_Journey of the Heart_173×93cm_Ink and wine on paper_2019

Xu Jing_Sweet-sounding_97x180cm_Ink and wine on paper_2017

Xu Jing_Welkin_180×97.5cm_Ink and wine on paper_2018

Shen Qin_Landscape1711(7)_Ink on paper_142x41cm_2017

Shen Qin_Mountain 20180803-03_Ink on paper_175x85cm_2018

Shen Qin_Mountain 20180910-01_Ink on paper_50x60cm_2018

Ke Ke_Bird-shaped container_30x17x43cm_Ceramic_2018

Li Zhang_Herbal series-1_Ink and color on paper_120x120cm_2016

Li Zhang_Herbal series-2_Ink and color on paper_120x120cm_2016

Li Zhang_Herbal series-3_Ink and color on paper_74x51cm_2016

Shao Fan_Half table_100x90x30cm_Mahogany_2018

Wang Kezhen_Bone implement_Silver_H:36cm φ:10cm_2017