Mr Shan’s Zen Room

Mr Shan’s Zen Room exhibition took place at No55 Artspace from December 14 to 16, 2019.

Mr Shan’s Zen Room is one of a series of exhibitions by Mr Liu Shan, following
his widely acclaimed Mr Shan’s Study, Mr Shan’s Tea Room and Mr Shan’s Kitchen.
The exhibition masterfully combines works of ancient Chinese incense ware, Chinese furniture and Western design classics with contemporary works of art from China and the West. It includes National level treasures from the North and South dynasties; incense burners from the Tang Dynasty and the ancient chins of the Song Dynasty; prints from Hans Harding, the greatest post-war master of abstract art and works of art of Chinese contemporaries such as Gao Zhenyu, ceramics; Xu Jing, modern calligrapher; Shen Qin, ink painter and Zhou Ning, relief sculptor/wood carving artist.